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Hey guys! This is my first real blog post, and it’s a #wiaw because… it’s Wednesday! And I took pictures of all my food yesterday just for you, Internet.

Possibly one of the very first food blog posts I ever read was one of Alexis’s What I Ate Wednesday posts over at Hummusapien. For reasons that are still inexplicable to me, I was obsessed with the opportunity to see what someone else was stuffing in their mouth all day, and I started checking Hummusapien every Wednesday morning.  I began taking crappy iPhone photos of almost everything I ate, much to my boyfriend’s displeasure (I was one of THOSE people we made fun of, trying to subtly snap a picture of my burger at a restaurant table without drawing too much attention to myself or forcing him to wait til I got a good picture of the risotto we made for dinner because his bowl turned out prettier than mine!).

I’d let these images take up all the storage space on my phone, maybe post the “good” ones to Instagram, but I had no confidence in my ability to manage a blog or draw in readers to be interested in my pictures of avocado toast as much as I was interested in what all those strangers out there were eating. Heck, I still don’t have all that much confidence in those things, but here I am, winging it! My iPhone photography is as crappy as ever (though I have some fancy pants light reflectors coming in the mail and I am learning about light and angles and all that jazz. slowly but surely!), but my food is good and I am enjoying the process so far, so why not?

So, here we go. What I Ate Wednesday (featuring food that I actually ate Tuesday, because that’s apparently how it works). Thank you to anyone who is being a food-voyeur here on my little blog today, and I hope you come back for another visit! I decided to go live with it, broken links and all, because I am not a patient person. I’m working the whole “shabby chic/under construction” angle.

I spent the entire morning fiddling around on WordPress trying to customize my site and get everything sorted so it looks like I know what I’m doing. I sipped some coffee with plain almond milk and completely forgot to actually EAT anything because I was so focused on the mechanics of my FOOD blog. Shameful.

When I finally made it into the kitchen, I checked my avocados, hoping that one would be ripe enough for toast and it was, hallelujah! So I spread half of that beauty on two slices of toasted Ezekiel bread and topped it with some nutritional yeast (duh) and some Cholula hot sauce.

smashed avocado on Ezekiel toast
smashed avocado on Ezekiel toast

Not long after that, I made a quick smoothie as well. I rarely make a smoothie without shoving something green in there. Because the taste doesn’t come through at all (I promise! Unless your kale to banana ratio is wayyy off),  it’s the easiest way to sneak some extra spinach or kale in my diet. The combination of a half scoop of plant-based protein powder and almond butter also helps to mask the greens while adding plenty of protein & healthy fat.

smoothie with kale, bananas, spirulina, hemp hearts, almond butter, and Vega protein powder
smoothie with kale, bananas, spirulina, hemp hearts, almond butter, and Vega protein powder

Between the toast and the smoothie, I was all set for another couple of hours of trying to wrap my head around WordPress (maybe I also got stuck in the YouTube and Pinterest voids for awhile… I can’t be trusted with the Internet at my fingertips when I’m trying to be productive). I jotted down a few ideas for future blog posts, searched through my photos for a suitable avatar for my sidebar (I am not much of a selfie person… someone come take a picture of me looking like a blogger!), and finally decided I’d had enough time staring at a screen for the day.

For lunch, I threw some leftovers in a bowl. My man thoughtfully made lentil dal in the crockpot on Sunday while I was at work, so we’ve been having the leftovers for lunch for a couple days. It was the first recipe we’ve tried from the book Fresh From the Vegan Slow Cooker by Robin Robertson, and it was really tasty! I also added some leftover rice and some quick-pickled carrots & daikon radishes (one of my many attempts at putting a dent in the crazy amounts of root veggies I got all winter from my CSA).

leftover lentil dal with rice and quick-pickled carrots & daikon radish
leftover lentil dal with rice and quick-pickled carrots & daikon radish

Dinner was mostly leftovers too. I used to make these elaborate meal plans where I’d intend to cook something new every day because there were just so many great recipes out there I needed to try! But I was always overly ambitious and would end up not wanting to cook, letting produce wilt in the fridge in favor of getting takeout, or, if I did actually make everything I wanted to, not having time to eat all the leftovers before they spoiled. Now I aim to make a couple new recipe each week, with the intention to use the leftover components of those dishes in new ways. Monday night we made BBQ tempeh sandwiches with the quick-pickled veggies from above, so for dinner Tuesday, we combined leftover tempeh with more of the pickled veg, the last of the leftover rice, and some fresh sautéed Rainbow Chard. Food waste is a serious issue, and I’m doing my best to not contribute to it!

"soul bowl" of BBQ tempeh, rice, rainbwow chard, and pickled veg
“soul bowl” of BBQ tempeh, rice, rainbow chard, and pickled veg

And that’s it! I did also snack on some popcorn from Trader Joe’s, but I didn’t take a picture of it. If you made it this far, thanks again! I have lots of plans for more interesting content to come, so subscribe on the left if you want updates, and check back for some recipes, cookbook reviews, and meal planning tips in the next few weeks.

xo Jillian


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